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LAFAYETTE, La (AP) – Tennis player Chanda Rubin's home burned during an intense thunderstorm and lightning was a likely cause, Lafayette fire officials said Thursday. The 1990's tennis star was the only person in the house and got out safely after alarms alerted her to the fire shortly after 9 p.m. Wednesday, fire department spokesman Alton Trahan said Thursday. He said lightning was particularly intense in Rubin's neighborhood and may have touched off the fire, which started in the attic. "It's pretty much totaled” Trahan said. "The first floor is probably the only portion of the home she'll be able to salvage some of the contents. Numerous calls from the alarm system, Rubin and neighbors came within a few minutes of each other, starting at 9:07 p.m., Assistant Chief Jerry Delhomme said.

"Acadiana Security Plus has always been my choice for premium whole house audio and home theater and lighting control systems, But I didn't realize how important it is to have a reliable security company until disaster happened. Acadiana Security Plus was prompt and professional when I needed them most. Protect yourself, your loved ones and your home with a system from Acadiana Security Plus.”

- Chanda Rubin
On Sunday, January 16, I was awakened to the smell of gas in my house. I immediately pushed the fire department button on my alarm system. Before I could reach my front door, Acadiana Security was calling me to confirm my emergency and get help on the way. I realized that I was in such a panic, I could not have called on my own. Within one month of having my alarm system, it has more than paid for itself. I recommend Acadiana Security to everyone interested in a system. I've had an Acadiana system in my rental house for six years and it is definitely an investement that gives me peace of mind.

- J. Morrison

-Cormier family home saved on Christmas day
Thanks for your quick response to alarm when my interior motion detector was set off. Probably due to an insect flying across. Dispatcher called my cell with 2-3 minutes of my leaving home after I activated my away alarm feature. She was able to assure me no exterior perimeters had been breached and police were in route. I returned home to reset my alarm without fear that I would maybe encounter an intruder.

- Susan Miller

Everyone we’ve ever dealt with from installation, to today’s service call, and telephone inquiries have been tops!! Informed, qualified, friendly & helpful. Thanks Paul & everyone.

-Peggy Fortier

KUDOS to Samantha! She was the nicest, most helpful person I have dealt with at Acadiana Security Plus. No question was unanswered, no request not carried out and I had A LOT of both! Johnny, the technician, was also knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. These two definitely exceeded my expectations. JOB WELL DONE!

-Robin M. Marten